There are varying meanings behind a + symbol.

The + in Kelleher + Holland, LLC signifies much more than the strong foundation laid by our founding members Andrew Kelleher + Robert Holland.

The addition of = As the firm continues to grow and flourish, it far exceeds a collection of talented individuals. Our ‘team approach’ of providing tailored solutions to fit your needs means added value for you as a client.

Together with = We feel it is important to be your partner as well as your advocate. Taking the time to get to know you and your specific goals is our priority.

Better than; an advantage = Having a trusted legal partner is essential. Having that same partner be able to handle all your individual, family and business needs is invaluable. Our proficiency in a wide variety of practice areas allows us to fill that role.

Positive = Results speak for themselves; ask our past clients. We are dedicated to providing you with a favorable experience in the most efficient manner possible.

Even the shape of the + symbolizes that our capabilities, knowledge and experience run as deep as the roots we have established with a wide breadth of clients.

By offering a unique combination of

comprehensive capabilities + tailored solutions

we give you the ultimate result = peace of mind

"It’s uncommon to find an attorney who understands the complexities of multiple practice areas. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Andy Kelleher not only on my estate planning, but my business planning as well. His proficiency in both these areas truly makes him unique. Andy is a driven, forward-thinking attorney who provided valuable insights throughout the entire planning process."


Tom W.  

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