CLASSIFIED: Protecting Your Corporate Trade Secrets

Over the past year, the widespread prevalence of the coronavirus disease has changed life for many. Moreover, COVID-19 has affected the way that many businesses must operate, and in response, many employees are finding themselves working remotely on a regular basis. Companies need to ensure that their confidentiality practices are enforced in a remote setting […]

Spotlight On: Litigation Practice Group

Litigation Services You already know that K+H provides a wide array of competent legal services to individuals, families and businesses. Our accomplished Litigation Practice Group wants you to be aware that K+H regularly handles: Personal Injury Business Disputes Divorce + Family Law Contested Probate/Estate + Trust Litigation Medical Malpractice + Wrongful Death Employment Litigation Workers’ […]

“For the 99.5% Act”: Proposed Estate Planning Implications

The recent tax bill proposed by Senator Bernie Sanders would dramatically alter the estate tax landscape and would eradicate or severely limit a number of estate planning strategies that families have relied upon for decades. These changes could be effective after December 31, 2021, in part, as follows: Estate and GST tax exemptions to be […]

“Blue Wave” Spending + Tax Changes Expected

The current governmental spending, tax, financial and political climate is provoking great concern regarding controlling and preserving assets. Be proactive in protecting your wealth – consider reviewing your estate, business and tax planning options in advance of the expected “Blue Wave” Spending + Tax changes. The time to plan is now. Transferring assets in-trust can […]

Doing Your Homework: The Importance of Due Diligence

Are you are considering purchasing an existing company by acquiring the stock, membership or partnership interests of the current owners, or the company’s assets? Unlike buying a car, you typically cannot test drive a business before you buy it. But much like buying a car, the purchase cannot be returned, and the payment refunded merely […]

The “Perfect Storm” for Estate, Tax + Liquidity Planning

Right now, high estate tax exemptions, historically low interest rates and valuation discounting, along with proposed Biden administration tax reform to cover pandemic debt, have created a “perfect storm” for estate and tax planning. But this window of opportunity is not expected to remain open for long. Transferring your assets to a trust now can […]

Medical Malpractice Claims: COVID’s Effects on Viability

Medical malpractice occurs when a hospital, doctor or other health care professional, through a negligent act or omission, causes an injury to a patient. Allegations of malpractice can sometimes be difficult to prove in court and become even trickier to pursue during the pandemic. Potential obstacles: Recent legislation makes healthcare providers immune to liability if […]

Tax Planning: Major Changes Anticipated

The Georgia runoff election held Tuesday resulted in Democrats winning both Senate seats. Given the Democratic presidency and majority in the House of Representatives, it is likely that we will see major changes to the estate and gift tax rules that could significantly limit opportunities for estate and tax planning. President-elect Biden has proposed several […]