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| Apr 27, 2023 | Firm News

Prenuptial agreements are too often viewed as a way to defend yourself and your assets, when ultimately they many times act as long-term peace-providing solution, providing harmony to marriages while alleviating the fears of conflict and unknowns of divorce.

Couples planning to marry can designate assets as separate or non-separate property, many times reducing grief, time, and costs upon the death of a spouse or divorce. Furthermore, parents and business owners may require prenuptial agreements (as well as post-nuptial agreements) to mitigate the risks of marriage upon a child’s inheritance or a co-owner’s business interests.

In particular, those entering their second marriage, those who are marrying later in life, or those who have accumulated significant assets, may want to use a prenup to preserve their estate for children from previous relationships or other loved ones.

Can a prenuptial can help you?

12 Reasons to consider using a Prenuptial agreement:

  • Protect the inheritance of children, grandchildren, and other descendants
  • Protect the ownership of your business
  • One party has more assets or debts than the other
  • The wealthier party desires to confirm that the motive to marry is truly for love
  • The less-wealthy party desires to dispel any doubts of the richer spouse’s motives for marriage
  • The less-wealthy party desires to attain minimum amounts to be received if the marriage fails or the richer spouse dies
  • One party attains an inheritance or lottery winnings
  • There is a desire to protect a family business, stocks, or inheritance
  • There is a desire to protect children or grandchildren of a previous marriage
  • One party is starting up a lucrative business venture or career
  • Either or both of the parties have previously suffered a divorce
  • One party is supporting the other party through college or professional school

Addressing how assets and debts will be shared with your spouse, prior to tying the knot, can help prevent conflict as well as divorce in the future.

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