Car Show

Kelleher + Holland’s 2022 All Wheels Car Show was a success! With over 50 cars shown and more funds raised for the charities than ever before, we are immensely grateful to everyone who participated this year. See below our gallery of photos of this year’s All Wheels Car Show. Hope to see you next year!



The Y-noT Project

The Y-noT Project honors the memory of Tony Borcia – nephew to two of our attorneys – and is dedicated to stopping intoxicated boaters and providing financial assistance to victims of intoxicated boaters and other motorists. Tony Borcia was 10 years old when he went tubing with his father and was hit by a man operating his boat under the influence of cocaine and alcohol. The tragedy of Tony’s death may have been prevented if the driver had been stopped by the police when he was seen by witnesses hours earlier driving his boat erratically and recklessly. Unfortunately, patrols on the Chain O’ Lakes have been drastically reduced because of budget cuts. The Y-noT Project seeks to make our lakes and rivers safe again.

Association of Horizon

Association of Horizon (Horizon) is an organization close to the hearts of Kelleher + Holland. A family member of four K+H teammates attends the Horizon Summer Camp every year as a camper. Horizon is an organization whose mission is to empower and enrich the lives of adults with physical disabilities. Horizon Summer Camp, the organization’s flagship program, is Horizon’s primary vehicle for bringing life changing experiences both to campers and volunteers. Horizon’s services are uniquely aimed at serving volunteers and adults with physical disabilities alike. As one volunteer so accurately expressed, “You know that awkward moment when people do not know how to interact with someone with a disability? That disappears at Horizon Camp. People see [one another for] what they have in common, not their differences.”

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities sees the face of God in those in need. By providing food, clothing, shelter, and counseling, they bring hope to the hopeless in the city of Chicago and its suburbs by annually assisting more than 1 million persons in Cook and Lake counties without regard to religious, ethnic, or economic background for more than 98 years. Their services include keeping mothers and their babies well-fed, preparing children in low-income families for school, keeping youth in school and out of gangs, counseling and giving job training to adults with economic troubles, providing affordable housing for seniors, and organizing in-home care services for seniors who need help caring for themselves.