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More Tax Benefits for Florida Residents

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Florida is known for being a destination for retirees to seek out warmer weather and a relaxed lifestyle. Contrary to historical trends, Florida is beginning to see a significant influx of younger individuals, families and businesses making the move due to the state’s tax benefits and remote work options. Recent changes to Florida’s uniform trust […]

Tax Exclusion Updates for 2022

Tax Planning Opportunities for 2022

Tax Planning Opportunities Multiple proposals regarding estate tax exemptions and rates came and went during 2021, with little change to the law. This means there is still time to take advantage of the “perfect storm” of planning opportunities available in 2022. The IRS has announced the following changes to the estate and gift tax exclusions […]

Tips for Success When Purchasing a Business

Tips for success when purchasing a business

Many people dream of owning their own business, which can bring a great deal of financial and career freedom if it is done successfully. However, purchasing a business can also be risky and stressful if it is not done well. Thankfully, we have compiled some of the best tips for success when purchasing a business. […]

“For the 99.5% Act”: Proposed Estate Planning Implications

The recent tax bill proposed by Senator Bernie Sanders would dramatically alter the estate tax landscape and would eradicate or severely limit a number of estate planning strategies that families have relied upon for decades. These changes could be effective after December 31, 2021, in part, as follows: Estate and GST tax exemptions to be […]

“Blue Wave” Spending + Tax Changes Expected

The current governmental spending, tax, financial and political climate is provoking great concern regarding controlling and preserving assets. Be proactive in protecting your wealth – consider reviewing your estate, business and tax planning options in advance of the expected “Blue Wave” Spending + Tax changes. The time to plan is now. Transferring assets in-trust can […]

The “Perfect Storm” for Estate, Tax + Liquidity Planning

Right now, high estate tax exemptions, historically low interest rates and valuation discounting, along with proposed Biden administration tax reform to cover pandemic debt, have created a “perfect storm” for estate and tax planning. But this window of opportunity is not expected to remain open for long. Transferring your assets to a trust now can […]

Tax Planning: Major Changes Anticipated

The Georgia runoff election held Tuesday resulted in Democrats winning both Senate seats. Given the Democratic presidency and majority in the House of Representatives, it is likely that we will see major changes to the estate and gift tax rules that could significantly limit opportunities for estate and tax planning. President-elect Biden has proposed several […]

The 2020 Election Could Affect Your Estate Plan

The current financial and political climate urges us to think about controlling and preserving our assets. Be proactive in protecting your wealth – you may consider reviewing your estate planning options well in advance of the election and be ready to implement any changes before year-end. Consider estate planning in a way that benefits you […]