Corporate Law

Kelleher + Holland, LLC provides legal counsel to business clients, including companies, closely held family businesses and start-ups. Our attorneys provide tailored counsel by understanding the needs of businesses and business owners.

As your advocates, we seek the most economical and timely solutions to achieve results. In addition to the knowledge we have gained from operating our law firm, several of our attorneys are also CPAs, which enhances our ability to advise you about your business operations.

Formation of Corporations, LLCs, + Partnerships

Starting a business can be daunting, and matching the goals of our clients by choosing the best legal options and tax structure to establish a business is our strength. 

Incorporating a business can protect your personal wealth from business liabilities. This is true for online businesses as well as brick-and-mortar businesses. Corporations and LLCs have their own legal existences and tax structures.

Kelleher + Holland, LLC can assist you with this important foundational guidance and process.

Buying + Selling

Strategic deal structuring is key to maximizing bottom-line results when negotiating the sale or purchase of a business.

Our attorneys go beyond just negotiating a good price.

At Kelleher + Holland, LLC, our attorneys will review all the fundamental components of a deal such as:

  • what is being sold

  • when and how payment will be made

  • taxation

  • allocation of liabilities

  • ongoing consulting and employment arrangements

  • other business factors that can have a very significant impact

Kelleher + Holland, LLC can help maximize bottom-line results by balancing these complex components between buyers and sellers.

Mergers + Acquisitions

Many business entities, even closely held family businesses, become involved in a merger or acquisition (M&A) at some stage.

Completing the process effectively minimizes disruption to the business and guards against the loss of profitability.

Kelleher + Holland, LLC helps clients manage every phase of the process, including post-closing matters, such as:

  • merging employee groups

  • determining liability risks

  • establishing business succession plans for the newly merged or acquired business

Buy-Sell Agreements

Developing a buy-sell agreement is like writing a will—it allows business partners and stakeholders to lay out their plans and goals for the business after they have passed.

Kelleher + Holland, LLC has the professional knowledge and experience to assist you in this proactive planning to protect your business from any avoidable and potential decrease in value.

Preparing + Administering Corporate Legal Records

Preparing and administering corporate legal records share a common goal of business continuity. Shortcomings in either practice may contribute to the downfall of the entire organization.

However, when both preparation and administration of records management work toward their goals (efficiency and compliance), the longevity of the organization becomes more secure.

Kelleher + Holland, LLC can help clients manage every phase of the process.

Corporate Transparency Act

Click here to find out how you may be affected - K+H can help you with compliance.


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