Employment Law

We act as trusted advisors to help our clients successfully manage all stages of the employment relationship—from hiring through exit.

Decades of experience have taught us that the best way to defend against employment and labor disputes is to avoid them. To proactively guard against expensive litigation and business distraction, and to allow our clients to remain focused on their key business strategies, we assist our clients by establishing appropriate management training, developing of effective policies and practices, and conducting voluntary audits that expose potential issues.

At the same time, however, our attorneys have the litigation skills to aggressively pursue any matter through trial when it is in the client’s best interests.

Executive Contracts + Compensation

Navigating the executive employment contract and compensation process is complex and can have a deep impact on an executive’s earning potential.

Similarly, a company without financial means to recruit top talent needs to know other ways to reel in the ideal hire. The executive contract can be used as a recruitment tool without trading the company for an executive.

Whether you are an executive or a corporation, Kelleher + Holland, LLC has the professional knowledge and experience to assist you in negotiating executive contracts and compensation.

Hiring + Terminating Employees

Kelleher + Holland, LLC assists employers to navigate the ever-increasing array of complex employment laws and regulations, including:

  • accommodating disabilities

  • hiring and onboarding

  • personnel policies

  • payroll practices

  • advice on human resource management issues

  • commissions

  • incentive compensation arrangements

General Counsel

We also assist our clients in all aspects of employee investigations and provide training in all areas of employment law, including preventing illegal sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination, as well as managing personnel effectively and within the law.

In addition, our employment attorneys advise clients on headcount reductions, restructurings, and in connection with mergers and acquisitions.

International Support

Kelleher + Holland, LLC has extensive experience helping clients expand and operate globally.

Our clients benefit from our affiliation with Mackrell International, a leading alliance of more than 900 firms located in more than 60 countries, which gives us immediate access to “boots on the ground” and expert local knowledge of the law.

Our attorneys have decades of experience assisting clients with all aspects of the global employment cycle, including expansion into new markets, creating locally compliant agreements and policies, performance management, and workforce restructurings.

In addition, Kelleher + Holland, LLC attorneys have represented numerous Asian, European, and Latin American companies in their expansions in the United States. This assistance includes:

  • real estate acquisition

  • corporate and tax issues

  • economic development incentives

  • product distribution

  • mergers and acquisitions

  • intellectual property

  • other business and employment matters

Restrictive Covenants + Trade Secret Protection

Kelleher + Holland, LLC recognizes the importance of our clients’ trade secrets and human capital and regularly helps its clients guard against unfair competition.

We draft non-compete, non-disclosure, and other restrictive covenant agreements and work with our clients to ensure they complement strong agreements with effective policies, procedures, and training. Our lawyers have prosecuted and defended unfair competition claims across the United States.


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