Residential Real Estate

At Kelleher + Holland, LLC, we believe you deserve a legal team that understands a real estate transaction from every side of the table.

Our team brings that unique perspective because we regularly work with buyers, sellers, borrowers, and lenders. Our real estate attorneys help each party to reach a resolution focused on the critical issues, making sure you can move ahead with confidence.

Purchases, Sales + Leases

Purchasing, selling, or leasing property can be an intimidating process with many details and factors contributing to the outcome. Let us stand by you and make sure you receive the outcome you want.

At Kelleher + Holland, LLC, we want you to be happy and confident in your decision every step of the way.

Real Estate Tax Assessment Appeal

Even long after closing, you can rely on us to help with your real estate needs.

If your property tax bill has increased significantly, you may have grounds for an appeal, particularly if the increase seems out of line with overall appreciation in your area.

Kelleher + Holland, LLC can help you to challenge the assessment, which could lower your property tax bill.   There is no fee for our service unless we acquire a reduction on your behalf.


Zoning rules vary greatly by region, but their most general, shared purpose is to separate residential property use from commercial property use.

Municipal governments can institute highly specific zoning ordinances to influence the nature of a district or neighborhood in its municipality.

Kelleher + Holland, LLC can help navigate the process of understanding, interpreting, and navigating zoning ordinances to achieve your goals.


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