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Back to School: Protecting Your Young Adult Children

| Jul 25, 2023 | Firm News

For many families, back-to-school time means preparing your college-bound child for life away from home. Something to consider is creating power of attorney and health care documents for them. Kelleher + Holland can help you and your family prepare the necessary documents.

Did you know that once your child turns 18, access to their medical and financial information is not guaranteed? Privacy laws such as HIPAA can prevent a parent from automatic access to their child’s health records. As a result, if your child is injured or becomes ill, it may be difficult to obtain medical records or help with finances. To avoid this, you and your children may consider four documents that make it much easier to access medical information and make decisions or take financial action should your child become incapacitated. Our ‘College Prep’ Legal Document Package contains:

  • HIPAA Authorization – waives the protection of your child’s private medical information from being released, allowing you to discuss your child’s medical situation with their doctor in appropriate circumstances.
  • Power of Attorney for Health Care – gives you the authority to make medical decisions on your child’s behalf.
  • Power of Attorney for Property – allows you access to your child’s finances such as credit card bills, rent & utilities, bank account transactions, tuition, etc. if needed
  • Living Will – states your child’s wishes regarding life-sustaining treatment in the event of a terminal illness or incurable injury if they are unable to communicate

K+H Makes it Simple to Assign Your Power of Attorney Agents

Our 3-minute video provides instructions and tips for you and your child to fill out the online worksheet needed to start the process.

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