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Why Work with an Estate Planning Attorney?

Kelleher + Holland, LLC helps you develop plans to provide you with peace of mind.

Having the support of an estate planning attorney can make all the difference for yourself and your loved ones.

The Estate Planning Process

  • Planning for Life

    Control trust assets as you see fit while maintaining your current income tax reporting.

  • Disability

    if you or your spouse become mentally incompetent from old age or disease, you retain control by managing your incapacity in advance and outlining exactly how you wish your money to be spent.

  • Death

    The probate process can be expensive, inefficient, public, and unnecessary - but assets in-trust are not probate property. That helps keep details private and saves your family court costs and delays.

  • Beyond

    Safeguard your money for your trust beneficiaries by providing protection of family assets from themselves, the claims of beneficiaries' creditors, and divorce claims from ex-spouses. Keep your money in-trust and never incur estate and transfer taxes again

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The Benefits of Estate Planning

It Protects Your Loved Ones and Other Beneficiaries

Not only does estate planning help your loved ones know the exact steps to take after your passing, but it also protects your family from possible fights about asset division. 

It Protects Your
Finances and Assets 

Asset protection ensures that your assets—such as your properties, finances, stocks, businesses, and more—go exactly where (and to whom) you want them to.

It Allows You to Control Who Makes Life Decisions

n the case of incapacitation (or death), estate planning lets you choose who will make decisions for you about your healthcare options and finances.

Proper Estate Planning Directives

If you don’t know yet what your goals may be, we will guide you to finding goals that you find valuable for yourself and your loved ones. Then, we can accomplish them by creating enforceable wills, trusts, and more. Reach out to us today for support.